MAGUS 2018 - Sacred Time, Sacred Space

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How To Register

  1. Click the "Add Person" button to create a new registration application.
    • If you are registering multiple people at the same time, you can add more applications by clicking the button again.
    • If you want to delete an application, simply click the little "X" on the right side of each application.
  2. Click on the registration application (the one(s) that say "Enter Registrant Information") and fill it out in full.
    • If you forget to fill out a field, you will be unable to add your application to the cart and the registration application and the field within will be highlighted in red.
  3. Once your application(s) are filled out and there are no errors, click "Add to Cart" in the "Registration Summary" pane.
    • This will add all of your registration applications to your Checkout Cart.
    • The total price of all your registration applications will be listed under "Total". You can only add one batch of registration applications to your Checkout Cart at a time.
    • Clicking "Add to Cart" additional times will overwrite the application batch currently in the cart.
  4. To Checkout, click the Checkout Cart in the lower right corner and, after reviewing your cart to make sure everything looks correct, click the "PayPal Checkout" button (you can pay with PayPal or by Credit Card if you don't have a PayPal account).
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